Introducing the Invest Monthly Fluid Bond, our new Bond where you can start small and grow your investment over time with additional monthly investments. Get started with an initial bond of £2,000 and then make additional monthly investments of £100 (minimum) through standing-order payments. What’s more, there’s absolutely no obligation to invest each month. You can increase or decrease your regular investments (subject to the minimum) each month to suit your budget and investment goals.

Key Benefits and Risks of The Fluid Direct Investment Bond & ISA

  • Complete your yearly ISA Allowance in bite-size chunks
  • No Commitment, monthly investment can be increased or lowered (subject to the minimum)
  • Choose the date to invest, such as on payday
  • All investments will be wrapped in a Tax-Free ISA. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in future
  • Each investment will mature in 3 years after the investment date, meaning that you could receive a steady income as the bonds mature after each other
  • While bonds are Asset-backed this does not guarantee a return for bondholders
  • Your Capital Is at Risk
  • There is no FSCS cover for the bond investment

Easily manage your investment online

With Fluid, you can easily manage your investment on the go through your investor dashboard and make additional investments, manage monthly top-ups and see interest gained.

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Getting started

  • Request a call-back or apply online to get started
  • Open an account today and invest in the bond with as little as £2,000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What am I investing in?

    You are buying a bond, issued by Fluid ISA Bond 2 Limited, Investment raised will be utilised as lending capital to provide bridging loans to exciting projects throughout the UK

  • What if I need to change the payment date?

    You can call your account manager to arrange this, there are no admin fees to do this.

  • When will I have access to the monthly investment?

    The standard Terms and Conditions apply for each investment. You are due to have access to the original investment plus any interest on that investment at the end of the 3-year term from the first payment. The same three-year term will apply for each subsequent investment you make, for example,… Read More

  • What is the minimum to invest on a monthly basis?

    Once you have opened an account and invested an initial £2,000 in the Fluid Bond, you can invest monthly from a minimum of £100 per month.

  • If I need to cancel my Monthly Investment, will I be penalised?

    No, there is no obligation to committing to monthly investments. If you do decide to cancel the standing order, there will be no fees or penalties.

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Alternatively, you can contact a dedicated account manager on 0800 088 4548
Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in future.

The fact that the bond is asset-backed would not guarantee that all capital would be repaid. This also means that there is a liquidity risk and there is likely to be a delay in repaying your capital should you request it.