• Who is Fluid Bond?

    Fluid Bond are loaning money as lending capital to a bridging loan company providing bridging loans to exciting businesses including property developers throughout the UK.

  • Does the bridging loan company aim to raise a certain amount of capital before commencing?

    No, Fluid Lending will utilise the investments as soon as the transfer is received.

  • What protective measures are in place?

    Protective measures are in place to help safeguard investors’ capital. Please be aware that capital may be insufficient to repay bondholders capital and interest and does not guarantee return. The lending company undertakes thorough due diligence on it’s borrowers and must meet a strict maximum 70% loan-to-value criterion to provide… Read More

  • Could the investment be affected by currency fluctuations?

    No. Your investment is in £GBP with no exposure to other currencies and all interest is paid in £GBP.

  • Will I own company shares?

    No. You are investing through an IFISA in a corporate bond.

  • What happens if Fluid doesn’t lend money to the operating company?

    If for any reason your money is not lent to the project developer within 90 days of us receiving it, we will return the money to your account. In the unlikely event of this happening, you will not receive any interest on your capital.

  • Can I change my mind?

    If you decide you’d prefer not to go ahead with the investment, you can cancel within 14 calendar days of opening your account. Just let us know by phone, email, or in writing. If you decide to cancel, any money transferred to your IFISA account is credited to your investment… Read More

  • Can I withdraw funds early?

    Bonds are considered non-readily releasable investments. You should expect to hold them for the full three-year term, although you may be able to find an investor willing to purchase the bonds from you. You can also request early redemption of your investment, including payment of interest accrued until the requested… Read More

  • Who is my ISA Manager?

    The ISA will be managed by Goji Financial Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • How do I transfer in from another ISA Manager?

    Simply complete step 4 and 5 of the Sign-up documents and Goji Investment Services Limited will arrange your transfer.

  • How do I receive income from my investment?

    Interest is paid into your ISA quarterly, you can access your funds through your online account and withdraw them when you like, or save them up for a rainy day.

  • How do I keep my account secure?

    Your ISA is controlled from your personalised online dashboard, we ask that you secure your account with a strong password.

  • How will Fluid Bond and the ISA manager keep in touch with me?

    Fluid Bond will release a bi-annual newsletter reporting on how your investment is being utilised, the latest on the bridging market and the company itself.

  • What if I move abroad?

    Your ISA is controlled from your personalised online dashboard; therefore, you can access it from anywhere in the world. The IF ISA is tax-free only in the United Kingdom, and you are responsible for your own tax affairs if you move to any other jurisdiction.

What happens to my Bonds if I Die?

    If you die while owning Bonds, your investment can be transferred to an authorised person acting on behalf of the estate. If you are acting on behalf of the estate of a deceased investor who owns Bonds, please email [mail@mgcs.com]


Can Fluid and/or the ISA manager change the Terms and Conditions?

    The terms and conditions are agreed once you have received the Information Memorandum and have signed-up for your ISA. These will not change for the term you hold your bond.

Can Fluid and/or the ISA manager close my ISA?

    Fluid and the ISA manager have a right to redeem the Bonds prior to their Redemption subject to the payment of principal Interest outstanding on the Bonds up to their Redemption Date.

Can Fluid and/or the ISA manager transfer my ISA to somebody else?

    Fluid and the ISA manager are not permitted to transfer the ISA to any other party, except in exceptional circumstances (see ‘What happens to my Bonds if I die?)

  • What is the Governing Law?

    The governing law is that of the United Kingdom.

Are there any potential conflicts of interest?

    A full list of the directors’ interests is detailed in the Information Memorandum.

  • Why can’t I invest in the Fluid bond right now?

    In order to maintain our impeccable compliance record and ensure we are marketing our bonds to the right person we are currently making some changes to the Fluid Bond and its regulatory framework in line with new FCA guidelines. During this period, you won’t be able to make any new… Read More

  • I’ve read about the FCA banning promotion of mini-bonds to retail customers, does this affect my existing investment?

    The FCA is currently carrying out an industry-wide review on the marketing of mini-bonds and IFISAs. Any existing investments with Fluid Bond remain unaffected by this review.