Keeping up with the pace of change

Business Desk recently sat down with Ansar Mahmood, Managing Director of Fluid, to discuss the need for companies to be adaptable as the pace of technological advancement increases. Ansar was interviewed as part of the publication’s ‘State of the Region’ report, a long-term project by Business Desk, examining individual sectors… Read More

Compare IFISA Rates

Compare best IFISA rates (August 2019, 45 providers) by P2P lending marketplaces and other providers, by visiting P2P Banking. Link to website below:    

Why fish-hooking is damaging our industry

Over the last five years I’ve watched the IFISA market from the sidelines. Last year, as a frustrated supporter, I decided to finally pull on my kit and do something about it by launching the Fluid Bond. I decided to get involved to offer something different to the market: we… Read More

Innovative Finance ISAs: The Building Blocks For Good Investment?

Having launched in 2016, the Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) might be a relatively young product in the investment market, but it is one that is rapidly gaining popularity and which looks to be filling a long-overlooked gap. Aiming to meet the needs of both investors and borrowers, in the form… Read More

The ultimate IFISA guide

Unsure about about transfers, tax and how many IFISAs you can have? Fear not, Marc Shoffman presents our comprehensive guide to IFISA investing… PEER-TO-PEER LENDING is already well known for helping investors beat paltry savings rates and now it even has its own tax wrapper in the form of the… Read More

An ISA investment set to fund four housing projects in North-West

An Innovative Finance ISA is being used for four developments across the north-west, which will create nearly 1,000 homes. Investment raised through Fluid Bond, an investment service launched in Manchester, recently made its first payouts to investors. The ISA is set to fund four property developments in the north-west, which… Read More

New Investment ISA Set To Fund Development Of Nearly 1000 North West Homes

Investment raised through a new Innovative Finance ISA, launched in Manchester and making its first interest payouts to investors last month, is being used to transform the North West’s skyline as it is set to fund four major property developments across the region.

Bridging IFISA provider makes first payouts

An innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) established by a bridging loan provider to fund some of the finance it approves has begun making its first interest payments. The Fluid Bond launched in November and pays an annual return of six per cent over three years, with interest paid quarterly, rather than… Read More

New 6% Innovative Finance ISA makes first pay outs

The Fluid Bond – one of the newest investment products on the personal finance market – has already made its first payments. Early adopters of the bond (which is held through an Innovative Finance ISA) came on board in the last quarter of 2018 and have now received their first… Read More

New bridging finance company Fluid Trust has launched in Manchester

New bridging finance company Fluid Trust has launched in Manchester. Fluid Trust is led by Chief Executive Officer Ansar Mahmood and Operations Director Will Jackson.

Mahmood says investors are being given the chance – through the company finance product ‘Fluid Bond’ – to support a raft of new property projects across the North West and the rest of the UK, with returns fixed and secured.