Smart Money: A Guide to Innovative Finance ISAs

At Fluid, we offer our investors an Innovative Finance ISA. For many, this particular product will need no introduction. However, given that the product is still a fairly new one on the financial market, many people are unaware of exactly what the Innovative Finance ISA is, and how it differs… Read More

Choosing an ISA with Fluid Bond

There are various ISAs on the market, these include the cash ISA, stocks and shares ISA, Lifetime ISA and another new ISA on the block, the Innovative finance ISA. Each of these can play a significant role in reliable financial planning. So, I bet you’re thinking where to start?

Which ISA could be best for me?

Well, some of you may have heard of an ISA before, and others may not have. In today’s society, ISAs are everywhere and have been for some time. Whilst ISAs have maintained somewhat of an omnipresence over the years, a lot of us may not be aware of what they do and the benefits that they could offer savers and investors.

The Fluid Bond through an Innovative Finance ISA

The Innovative Finance ISA is the newest addition to the ISA family, introduced by the UK Government in 2016. It can be applied to crowdfunded investments and is aimed at people who want to take advantage of their annual ISA allowance of £20,000 and use it for investments.

What’s coming up at Fluid: Our new Fluid Bond features

Our team is full speed ahead in developing new ways for existing and new investors to invest their money in bonds with us through an Innovative Finance ISA, and we wanted to give you a preview of some new product features that Fluid Bond has to offer.

Your comprehensive guide to the Innovative Finance ISA

With bank rates predicted to stay at a constant low and inflation on an almost constant rise, your money could be losing value in a traditional, standalone savings account. No-one likes to hear this, so if you’re keen to potentially earn a higher rate on your savings then an Innovative Finance ISA could be exactly what you are looking for*. With the popularity of some IFISAs on the rise this, now is the perfect opportunity to consider an alternative way to potentially earn a better return on your money.