Keeping up with the pace of change

10th September 2019

Business Desk recently sat down with Ansar Mahmood, Managing Director of Fluid, to discuss the need for companies to be adaptable as the pace of technological advancement increases. Ansar was interviewed as part of the publication’s ‘State of the Region’ report, a long-term project by Business Desk, examining individual sectors of the Northern economy with expert analysis and commentary, and interviews with leading firms across the Northern Powerhouse.

Embracing Technology

In response to the observation that technology is advancing at a rate previously unseen, Ansar asserted that the only course of action for companies who wish to remain above water is to embrace change, and make it work for them. He commented: “you have to embrace technology, and that is what we are doing. The world is changing and most companies are becoming technology companies.’

Transparent and investor focussed

Ansar pointed to Fluid’s own collaboration with a number of partners in the FinTech sector, and how Fluid uses technology to assist in manifesting its core values of transparency and investor focus. Fluid offers its investors software to track the progress of their investments and streamline the process of managing them, avoiding sluggishness and uncertainty at a time when markets can demand quick responses. ‘The world has changed, and investors are more empowered to make their decisions,’ Ansar asserted. ‘It also makes things more transparent.’

Added value

The increased focus on tech solutions in the financial sector will boost competition, and allow companies to distinguish themselves in the market through innovative added value. The increased variety can only benefit investors, as companies try to find the best and most efficient ways of tackling age-old financial bugbears like opacity and bureaucracy. With the rise of blockchain technologies in particular, the financial landscape promises to be all but unrecognisable in a decade’s time, and any company who tries to resist the ceaseless forward movement of technology is certain to be left behind.

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